Rental Details

Wheelchairs, Walkers, Beds and Ramps

Scooter Rental

$75 Weekly*

Manual Wheelchair

$40 Weekly or $80 Monthly*

Transport Wheelchair

$35 Weekly or $70 Monthly*

Bariatric Wheelchair Rentals

Bariatric Wheelchair Rental

$50 Weekly or $100 Monthly*

Power Wheelchair Rentals

Power Wheelchair

Starting at $350

Elevating Leg Rests

Elevating Leg Rests (2) Rental

$15 Weekly or $30 Monthly*

Knee walker

Knee Walker Rental

$50 Weekly or $100 Monthly*

Patient Lift Rentals
(Includes basic stock sling in sm, med or lg)

Manual - $200 Monthly*
Power - $350 Monthly*

Hospital Bed Rentals
Hospital Bed Rental
Full and Semi-electric Models Available

Semi-electric - $200 Monthly*
Full-electric - $250 Monthly*

Folding Ramp
Folding Access Ramps of Varying Sizes
(Subject to Availability)
$40 Weekly
$80 Monthly

*Pricing is for private pay customers only, Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance pricing structure may vary. A one time delivery fee applies, distances are calculated from the REQ headquarters in Manchester, NH to your location, please call for a quote if you require delivery of a rental.
Call ahead to check on availability, 603-645-5200 or fill out our online rental request form here.

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