Repair & Maintenance

wheelchair repair and maintenanceOur customers consistently rave about our Service Department. Our factory trained, Gold Certified Technicians are also required by REQ to meet or exceed stringent, continuing education and training requirements.

Our techs are fast, friendly, knowledgeable and prepared to serve you at our location or yours.*
*Depending on complexity, some services require in-shop appointments.

Cleaning Services

Wheelchairs, scooters, and other medical equipment accumulate dust and dirt during their regular use. Keeping your equipment clean and lubricated will extend it's life and avoid costly repairs.

Our automated cleaning and infection control system, theHUBSCRUB, is  available to our customers on a yearly membership or by requesting a single cleaning appointment. Membership appointments are available on an unlimited basis for equipment cleaning.  For more information on the HUBSCRUB sales, rental and demo programs, visit them on the web at HUBSCRUB.COM or by calling 603-624-4243.


Wheelchair Cleaning ServicesThe HUBSCRUB Company is a dedicated manufacturer of high-performance, automated cleaning and infection prevention systems for durable medical equipment and other equipment requiring the same level of attention. As you browse our website, we are hopeful you’ll find the information helpful and complete. Thank you.

Our medical equipment cleaning systems disinfect wheelchairs, commodes, hospital beds and other equipment quickly and effectively thorough HUBSCRUB's automated technology. Our premier performance in cleaning, infection prevention, labor cost savings and productivity, is required by today’s demand for efficiency.

State-of-the-art technology for cleaning and infection control is available through our HUBSCRUB Automated CleaningWheel Chair Cleaning system. HUBSCRUB is used extensively in all facets of heath care throughout North America. Not only do we clean our equipment, but we also clean our customers' equipment too. Cleaning schedules can be arranged at any time, give us a call or visit HUBSCRUBon the web.

Medical Equipment Cleaning

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