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Kids hold a special spot in our hearts here at REQ! We work tirelessly in order to provide the absolute best pediatric equipment services in the business and by doing so, we place the enhancement of a child’s life above all else. Our showroom boasts the largest and most comprehensive display of pediatric equipment in New England.

Equipping children is frequently more challenging because of their continued growth and development. The therapist will assess the child's needs now while carefully considering future growth, motor development, and cognitive abilities. These complexities also need to be woven into lifestyle, practical function, and the parent or care giver's abilities and choices. Regardless of the fact that providing equipment to children is considerably more complex, REQ welcomes the challenge and pledges to continually go above and beyond in order to provide the right equipment for your child.

Strollers can meet a variety of children's needs. They can be an appropriate means of positioning and mobility for the very young child and they can provide a lightweight and easily portable option for the older child.
Some models can serve as a recreational system for access to camp grounds, parks, and other outdoor areas.
Like most pediatric equipment, an assessment is the best method to determine what the goals and priorities are for your child and how this product can best meet your child's and family needs.


There are many varieties of pediatric wheelchairs and this may be your child's primary positioning and mobility equipment. Many factors contribute to the final equipment selection and in choosing which of the numerous available options, add-ons and sizes best suit your child’s needs. Your child's physical therapist or occupational therapist and a trained pediatric rehabilitation technician specialist from REQ can assist you in making the best choices for your child.


Powered mobility for children can be complex and challenging. However, it does provide wonderful opportunities to enhance independence and cognitive development. As with most pediatric equipment, careful assessment and involvement by your child's therapist and a qualified, experienced REQ technology specialist will help to ensure a successful outcome.


Standers can provide multiple benefits for children. They assist in joint stabilization, stimulation of long bone growth and can improve trunk stability and head control. They provide a child the opportunity to see life from an upright eye to eye position with their peers. They are frequently needed to build endurance and awareness in a "get ready" to explore walking stage.

The use of a wheelchair does not necessarily mean that an assistive walker or gait trainer is not also appropriate for your child's development. Your therapist is the best person to consult with regarding this need.
Effort and patience in the assessment and selection of products for children is particularly important. It is not unusual to try several different pieces of equipment before a good professional judgment can be made. It is important to work with a company like REQ that has decades of experience in assisting with the proper selection of this equipment.

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