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When it comes to improving your independence, you NEED to be choosy.

REQ is here to assist with assessment, home evaluation, equipment trial, as well as guidance and education regarding funding options. One of the most valuable contributions we can make is to provide you with awareness of the options and choices available to you.

Manual wheelchairs provide a broad assortment of choices with the primary purpose of improving either independent or assisted mobility. A qualified REQ rehab technology specialist can assist you in understanding the value of various features and whether it is likely that your insurance will consider them medically necessary.
Standard manual wheelchairs, lightweight, high-strength, folding, rigid, tilt, and recline are some of the options to be considered. Proper assessment and determination of medical need are important criteria maximizing the benefits of your medical insurance.


Powered wheelchairs can greatly increase your ease of mobility and assist in conserving energy output. There are numerous things to consider when choosing powered mobility, including transportation to and from, access into and throughout your home. It is best to have the assistance of an REQ qualified rehab technology specialist to aid in the selection process.


Power seating systems are a common add-on to a power wheelchair. These systems tilt and/or recline, increasing available sitting positions and assisting primarily with pressure relief by changing your weight distribution.


Cushions and backs are a very specialized component to your wheelchair. The selection and choice needs to be directly related to your medical need and your history of pressure and/or orthopedic problems. This is a critical feature of your wheelchair and must provide the proper support so time spent in your wheelchair is comfortable. The back and cushion may be custom configured or a quality "out of the box" seat and back may work quite nicely for you.Properly fitting for cushions and backs is an in-depth process and requires the assistance of REQ’s experienced, professional team.


Standing frames or power wheelchairs with standing features can provide significant medical, social and functional benefits. Your physician or therapist can help you to determine whether standing is safe and beneficial. Contact REQ to meet with one of our qualified rehab technology equipment specialist if you get the "go ahead" from your physician.


These products are specifically designed for larger people and are reinforced to manage the additional weight and structural stress. A full line of bariatric products is available to meet mobility, positioning and daily living needs.

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